Best Android Games for Tablets

The best multiplayer and single player android games for tablets and the reasons why playing games on the tablets are better.

It is not a secret that people started to do everything with their smart phones and tablets. We do our jobs, download apps, use social media with the help of our smart devices. But the most common thing we do is to play games using our phones and tablets. People play android games to entertain themselves, to relax for a while, to spend their spare time doing something they like, to have exciting adventures. And definitely, android games are much more fun when they are played on tablets. But why? What is the difference?

First of all, tablets offer us a bigger screen. The bigger the screen, the more the fun. Especially games with advanced graphics, 3D or HD games are much more enjoyable with tablets’ bigger screens. On a tablet screen, it is easier for players to control the game. Characters, buttons, surroundings have larger appearances on tablet screens so players don’t have to deal with small objects and distract themselves from the game while trying to touch the right button.

Another plus side of the tablets is multiplayer games. Specifically in 2 Player games, gamers have to share the same screen. It is not very comfortable to play a battle game with your friend trying to fit on a small screen. With tablets, each player can have plenty of space for themselves and play their game easily. For multiplayer, especially for 2 player games are the best games to play on a tablet.

Considering the plus sides, it is always wiser to play your best android games on a tablet. We prepared a ‘the best android games to play on tablets’ list for you. If you are looking for the best android games to download on your tablets, take a look at our list.

Best multiplayer games for tablets

1) BADLAND: BADLAND is an action based android platform game. The game takes place in a jungle full of traps, different creatures, dangers and challenge. Players try to survive through the game. BADLAND includes both single player and multiplayer modes. In single player mode, there are 100 different levels full of action. In multiplayer mode, however, there are 23 challenging levels which you can play with your three other friends. Just do whatever it takes to be the survivor. The multiplayer mode requires all 4 gamers to play on the same screen at the same time. So, preferring a big screen would be the best choice to play this game. BADLAND is best played on tablets.

2) Glow Hockey 2: Glow Hockey 2 presents you to most beautiful and colorful android hockey game. In single player mode, there are four difficulty levels, from easy to insane. Challenge yourself with the computer opponent. Multiplayer mode, on the other hand, enables you to challenge one of your friends. In multiplayer mode, two players play the game on the same device. To react fast, catch the hockey balls and score goals against your opponents, it is perfect to play the game on a tablet. With its bright colors, realistic physics and beautiful graphics, Glow Hockey 2 is one of the best android games to play on a tablet.

3) Gun Bros Multiplayer: In Gun Bros Multiplayer, players defend the universe against T.O.O.L. With your brand new weapons, non-stop 3D action shooter and tanks, shoot the oceans of enemies coming at you. The game features a real-time multiplayer mode for you to team up with other Gun Bros players from all over the world and defend the universe together. Gun Bros Multiplayer comes with 3D graphics and continuous action. Team up with your Bro and experience the excitement at its peaks with a big tablet screen.

4) 2 Player Reactor: 2 Player Reactor is one of the best games to play on tablets. There are 18 different mini games in this collection for two players to play on the same device, at the same time. Use your reflexes, be quick and hit the button before your opponent. 2 Player Reactor is a great way of spending some enjoyable time with your friends, brother, sister, boyfriend or girlfriend. Just choose a game and let the fun begin. Because the game requires two players to play on the same screen, it would be better and more comfortable if the game is played on a tablet.

5) UNO & Friends: UNO is one of the most favorite card games of all time. Now, UNO™ & Friends presents you the joy of original UNO on your android devices. Create games and invite your friends and family to play with you. If your friends aren’t available, challenge any other UNO player from all around the world. UNO™ & Friends is the best and most enjoyable game for you to play with friends. Experience the excitement of UNO better with you tablet!


Best single player android games for tablets

1)  Marvel Contest of Champions: In this game, players collect the mightiest heroes and villains in the Marvel Universe to defeat the supervillain Kang the Conqueror. Marvel Contest of Champions enables its players to assemble a team of heroes and villains, and with their mighty team gamers go on quests and face challenges to prevent the destruction of The Marvel Universe. The game features iconic locations from The Marvel Universe, special moves for each character and all the characters’ accurate appearances. Marvel fans and all the action game lovers will be addicted to the game in a short time. With really stunning HD graphics and high quality animations, Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the best android games for tablets.

2) Real Racing 3: Real Racing 3 is an award winning racing game for speed and car lovers. The game enables its player to race with real cars like Ferrari, Chevrolet, Lamborghini, Porsche, with 12 real tracks from all around the world, and with real people. It is possible to play the game with your friends or with other racers from all around the world. There are different racing options and possibility to join in global real-time races. Real Racing 3 features stunning details and HD quality racing experience. Choose your favorite cars and challenge other racers. It is definitely one of the most fun and exciting games to play on your tablet.

3) Zen Pinball HD: Zen Pinball HD is a highly exciting android game for pinball lovers. With classic, original tables or special ones based on some of the biggest brands in entertainment such as Marvel Comics, Star Wars, South Park, The Walking Dead and more, gamers will have a blast playing the game. Zen Pinball HD features endless action and pleasure with HD graphics and beautiful visuals. If you grew up with pinball, experience this amazing game on your tablets for a unique adventure.

4) Dead Trigger 2: The best zombie game among all android games. In the game, players fight in the ultimate battle against the zombie apocalypse. Find a shelter, new weapons and gadgets to fight against zombies and survive. One of the most significant features of the game is unbelievably stunning graphics. The game has such good graphics that it is almost impossible to distinguish the game from console games. Also, Dead Trigger 2 includes real-time story developments. The story of the game develops based upon the accomplishments of the players all around the world. Tune in to the radio to be informed about global achievements. Offering infinite excitement and action with amazing graphics, Dead Trigger is one of the best android games for tablets.

5) Smash Hit: Smash Hit is a puzzle game taking place in a different world. The goal of the players is to smash glass obstacles appearing in their way with metallic balls. Keep going in the same direction and use your reflexes well to reach your goal. The game requires its players to be really fast and careful. Smash Hit features real-life based physics. Also music in the game changes according to each stage and object. Smash Hit has stunning graphics and animations. The game is one of the best choices to play on tablets.

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