Games to Play With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Suggestions of android games on tablets or mobile phones to play with your boyfriend-girlfriend and benefits of playing games together.

 Now, in the era of smartphones and tablets, we all take pleasure in playing android games and ipad games. We play games while having breakfast, using public transport, in schools, cafes or offices. It’s a great and simple way for people to entertain themselves and pass the time. So why not turn this activity into something we can do with our loved ones ? Why not share this pleasure with our boyfriends or girlfriends and use android games to strengthen our bond with them ?

  All the people would want to relieve their stress, entertain themselves and also spend plenty of time with their significant others. Playing multiplayer games with their boyfriends and girlfriends can be a solution. Also it can develop more common interests to talk about with your boyfriend or girlfriend. So, you can take a look at our category designed for android games for 2 players All games are at least for 2 players.



  For boys, who are generally more interested in all kinds of games, it is usually a problem to play a lot of games and not being able to spare enough time for their girlfriends. But, finding multiplayer games which can appeal their girlfriends and offering them playing together can help guys to set things right. For example, if your girlfriend loves action and challenge invite her to play Battle Monkeys Multiplayer. In this game, thanks to newly added features, players can battle against their friends. Challenge your girlfriend, try defeating each other using small monkey armies. Or, if you are not sure what kind of game your girlfriend would like to play, try UNI for 2 Player. UNI for 2 Player is a collection of games including racing, timing, action or logic games, playable on one device. You surely will find a game which you both will enjoy playing.


  For girls, on the other hand, it is not that common to neglect their boyfriends because of spending too much time on android games or videogames. Still, spending more time with your boyfriend by playing games is a great idea for both of you. If you have a sportive boyfriend, offer him to play tennis together. With Virtual Table Tennis game on android stores, couples can play tennis together by connecting via Bluetooth or internet. Or, if your boyfriend loves strategical things, try playing Battleship Multiplayer. This game is exactly like the classic Battleship board game. Each player has two boards, for herself and for her opponent. Battleship Multiplayer can be played on one device or on network game. Also the game can be played on one wifi netwok or players can connect with different ways. Another option is BADLAND. It is an action based platform game, full of excitement. Play BADLAND together on the same device, do whatever it takes to be the survivor, have fun with your boyfriend. If your boyfriend loves action and thrilling adventures, this is the perfect android game for you to play together in your free time.


  By playing android games together, couples can make everything exciting and entertaining. For example, if you can not decide upon who is going to do the chores, get help from the games. For instance, play 2 Player Reactor and whoever loses the game, does the chores. It is actually a clever way to get your boyfriend do some chores. Or in order to avoid tense situations like fights and break the ice between each other easily, find android games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

  Also couples, who are dealing with a long distance relationship can play multiplayer games to spend more time together and share more common interests with each other. In long distance relationships it is very important to remain in contact and doing things simultaneously, so choosing some games to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend would surely improve your relationship and enable you to have a pleasant time together.

  No matter if you are apart from your loved one or not, if you are a nostalgic couple, games like Snake Multiplayer can be good for you. What can be more joyful than challenging your boyfriend or girlfriend and remembering your childhood at the same time?

  There are plenty of android games to play with your boyfriends or girlfriends and lots of plus sides of playing. For people who want to share their hobbies, interests and joy with their loved ones, playing games is a great activity. 

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