New Words With Friends

New Words With Friends android gameNew Words With Friends is an enjoyable android game for you to test your skills. Choose the most suitable opponent for you and see who has a more extensive vocabulary. This free game created for Android devices under 2 players category.

In New Words With Friends, players create words by using their letter tiles. The aim is to create the best words using more tiles and have the highest score.


New Words With Friends is playable as a 2 player game. People can choose the best opponent for themselves by looking the players’ profiles in Community Match. The game also features a Smart Match option with which players can connect with other players of similar skill.

New Words With Friends enables players to expand their vocabulary, chat with their friends in-game, track their performances and improvements with detailed stats.

New Words With Friends is one of the best vocabulary-based games in android stores. It is fun and addictive activity for 2 players from all ages. If you are looking for an android game with which you can enjoy and be social with your friends, New Words With Friends is for you.

android New Words With Friends
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